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Commercial Building

Commercial Mortgages in Hamilton and Surrounding Areas

Commercial mortgages in Hamilton and surrounding areas include retail buildings, offices, industrial buildings, multifamily units, and others. “Property generating income”

A broker should be considered essential when purchasing a commercial mortgage, and here’s why Kingsway Investments Ltd. should be your brokerage of choice:

  • Our brokers have the experience and skill set to understand all of the financial options available.

  • We go beyond finding you the best rates and fees; we work with you to make your application more attractive.

  • We will assist you in understanding the required documents as noted and help you secure the money you need.

Documentation Required for a Commercial Loan

Documents required for a commercial loan can include but not are not limited to:

  • An environmental report,

  • A recent commercial appraisal,

  • A recent copy of the land title,

  • A statement of your personal net worth,

  • Two years’ worth of financial statements from the guarantor or borrower for the money.

Whether you need commercial lending for a rental property, a location for your business, or even a new property development, our Kingsway Investment Ltd. brokers will always bring you the greatest chance of success.

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