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Cranes with buildings

Construction Loan in Hamilton and Surrounding Areas

Whether a personal residence or a business project, a construction loan will help you build it.


At Kingsway Investment Ltd., our veteran mortgage brokerage has access to a wide variety of alternative lenders; these lenders offer more than most institutional lenders and allow us in turn, to offer you a broad spectrum of mortgage products in Hamilton and surrounding areas


We will assist you in understanding the demands and challenges of construction financing relating to:


  • project construction costs

  • qualifying for the amount you need

  • construction loan stages/draws

  • choosing the right architect

  • selecting your contractor(s)

  • obtaining necessary permits

The Draw Process

The funds for your construction loan are advanced in stages. As you complete your project, more cash is advanced to keep things moving.


  • Own the land? Your first draw will be used to begin your build.

  • Purchase land? You can arrange to take your first advance to purchase the land.


We know what is required to streamline the draw process and meet your capital requirements. 


Consider working with our Team here at Kingsway Investment Ltd. as you plan your next project.

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