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Residential Mortgages in Hamilton and Surrounding Areas

Kingsway Investment Ltd. is a one-stop shop for residential mortgages in Hamilton and surrounding areas. 


Unlike your local bank branch, which can only offer you a mortgage from their suite of products, our mortgage brokers have access to many different lenders of different shapes and sizes, which means you have access to these products as well.


If you’d prefer the security of getting a mortgage from a big bank, our mortgage experts will set you up with one.


We receive volume discounts from major lenders which helps us to secure a mortgage rate for you that is lower than you’d be able to negotiate yourself.

Our Process

  • Come in and meet with one of our mortgage brokers or give us a call relating to a new mortgage or a refinance. It only takes one conversation. All required documentation can be sent through email, further streamlining the process. Documents will include:

  • Proof of employment,

  • Proof of income,

  • Credit reports,

  • Details of your assets (if any), and

  • Any other important details that may be required to determine the borrower’s ability to secure financing from the lender

  • We will approach different lenders to determine the requirements and rates to provide options suited to your situation.

  • We then review with you all mortgage products available.

  • We will offer impartial advice on a broad range of lenders and will advise which mortgage products are best suited to your budget.

Our Mortgage Brokers are experts at what they do and are accustomed to working with borrowers who may have unique needs, such as freelancers or those with poor credit ratings.


We, as brokers, are independent and don’t work for individual lenders.

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